Sobieszów Palace

Nature and Education Centre of the Karkonosze National Park in the Sobieszów Palace

Sobieszew Palace dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. The palace was once home to the Schaffgotsch family, who managed the estates in the Karkonosze region for several centuries, introducing the first forms of nature conservation and supporting cultural development. The Nature and Education Centre of the Krkonoše National Park features two interactive exhibitions: "Klimatyczne Karkonosze" and "Pałac Sobieszów". In addition, there is a gift shop, conference rooms and an area for fairs and recreation. The exhibitions are available in four languages: Polish, English, Czech and German.

The 'Climatic Krkonoše' exhibition covers 1,600 m² and includes six large themed rooms;

In this very impressive and original way, you can learn, among other things, about the geological history of the formation of the Krkonoše Mountains, and see the rocks and minerals that make up this mountain range. The rooms are arranged in a mysterious and slightly futuristic atmosphere. A great advantage of the whole "Climatic Krkonoše" exhibition is the fact that you can touch and experience everything directly, making a visit to the facility unengaging and highly educational.

The exhibition "Sobieszów Palace" is approximately 550 m² in size and includes 8 thematic rooms.

The exhibition located on the ground floor of the palace building invites visitors on a journey through time. Its aim is to present the history and geology of the Silesian Schaffgotsch family.

In the manager's office, visitors can see copies of the original estate documents. The Schaffgotsch family managed the forest in their estate and also made attempts to protect the Krkonoše nature. In the Forest Management Room, visitors can experience how hard the Krkonoše woodcutters worked in the old days. In the next room, visitors can look through peepholes in a specially constructed photoplasticon at representatives of the surrounding countryside - in old prints and contemporary nature films.

The last exhibition room tells the story of the Krkonoše National Park, which, as the custodian of the former count's estate, has in a way become the heir of the Schaffgotsch family.