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Jelenia Góra - is a town in south-western Poland, located in the Jeleniogórska Valley, at the foot of the Sudety Mountains. The number of inhabitants is approximately 80,000. The city is an important cultural and tourist centre due to its picturesque mountainous surroundings, historical architecture, and the nearby Cieplice Śląskie-Zdrój spa. Jelenia Góra is also the seat of numerous cultural institutions and museums.

Wojanów Palace is a historic neo-Gothic building located near Jelenia Góra in Poland. It was built between 1861 and 1863 on the initiative of Count Friedrich von Götzen. The palace features beautiful neo-Gothic architecture and served as the family residence. It is located in a picturesque setting, which makes it a popular tourist destination. The palace has undergone various modernisations and is considered one of the most beautiful neo-Gothic buildings in Lower Silesia. At present, the palace serves as a conference and hotel venue.

 The Foundation of the Valley of Palaces and Gardens was established in 2005 with the aim of protecting historic park, palace and manor complexes and other residential buildings in the Jelenia Góra Valley and promoting the area under the name 'Dolina Pałaców i Ogrodów' as a special cultural heritage. The foundation was set up by the owners of several palaces seeking funds to save the monuments and to promote the area. The Foundation has also contributed to the creation of a cultural park and is currently working to have the area inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The Karkonosze National Park is a nature conservation area in the Karkonosze Mountains. It is located in south-western Poland, in the Western Sudetes. It is a picturesque mountain area, rich in natural diversity. The park includes, among others, the summit of Śnieżka, the highest peak in the Krkonoše Mountains. Tourists are attracted by the beautiful landscapes, numerous hiking trails and unique flora and fauna.

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The Lower Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra in Jelenia Góra is a significant symbol of the cultural life of the region, having existed for over 60 years. The Symphony Orchestra of the Lower Silesian Philharmonic regularly gives concerts not only locally but also abroad, visiting countries such as Germany, Italy, China and others. The Philharmonic is involved in educational projects, and collaborates with other orchestral ensembles and choirs. In recent years, the Lower Silesian Philharmonic has actively participated in the organisation of the Krkonoše Opera Festival, presenting operas such as 'Carmen' and 'Nabucco'. The Philharmonic is also open to cooperation with non-governmental organisations, social economy entities and informal groups, offering space for the implementation of various cultural projects.

The Art Exhibition Office (BWA) in Jelenia Góra is a cultural institution dedicated to contemporary art. Located in the city centre, BWA Jelenia Góra organises exhibitions, cultural events and educational projects, presenting works by both local and international artists. It is an important place for the development and promotion of art in the region.

The Foundation for the Development of Culture in Wrocław, was established to inspire and support regional cultural creativity, as well as other projects dedicated to Wrocław and its surroundings for the purpose of tourism promotion. The Foundation is the author and implementer of projects such as "Relaxing Journeys of a Music Lover - Explorer", "Wrocław Music Lover's Route" and "Wrocław - the Capital of Music". The objectives of the Foundation include inspiration and support in the field of musical creativity, promotion of cultural and socially useful initiatives for the region. The Foundation also focuses on promoting young artists and supporting the development of their talents, shaping and disseminating artistic education, caring for monuments and objects associated with artistic activity, and helping to develop historic buildings for cultural purposes.

Mi-Studio is a company operating since 2003, focusing its activities on two areas. The first area is consulting and promotion of business entities, including start-ups, which are provided with the necessary tools in the initial period of operation. The second area is the tourist promotion of Wrocław and Lower Silesia, through the organisation and support of a wide range of original cultural events, carried out regionally.